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How To Appeal A Case To The United States Court Of Appeals For The Eighth Circuit?

The Eighth Circuit is a federal appellate court that covers federal courts in Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Let's say you just lost a civil lawsuit in one of the federal district courts in the Eighth Circuit. You may consider challenging that loss through an appeal. There, a panel of three judges will consider the trial court's ruling and decide whether any legal errors require correction. But while filing a compelling brief [...]

Supreme Court Oral Argument Signals Chevron Deference Is Running On Fumes

On January 17, the United States Supreme Court heard more than three hours of oral argument on whether Chevron deference—the doctrine that requires courts to defer to an agency's reasonable interpretation of an ambiguous statute—should be abandoned or modified. The argument suggests a substantial possibility that the doctrine may be modified, if not overturned entirely. Either result would put litigants in a stronger position to challenge agency action with which they disagree, although, as the oral argument [...]

PSA Well Permit Dispute Makes Its Way To The Texas Supreme Court

Contacted at his seaside villa, Captain Renault exclaimed his shock that Elsie and Adrian Opiela are asking the Texas Supreme Court to review questions surrounding the Railroad Commission's approval of a drilling permit for a Production Sharing Agreement well. The Commission's "65% Rule" for multi-tract horizontal wells is invalid because the Commission does not have the authority to make such a rule. There must be either valid pooling authority or compliance with the Mineral Interest [...]